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The initiative in applying for an invitation to join the Club must come from a member and not from the prospects themselves. Please observe the following procedures in recommending new members to the Board of Directors.

1. Any member who is asked to be a sponsor should be a personal friend of the prospective new member, rather than a mere business or social acquaintance. Members should be asked to be sponsors in private and not in the presence of other Club members or the applicant. Board members may be sponsors.)


2. The proposed member must be invited and brought to the Club on no less than three (3) separate occasions by the sponsors. This shall be considered a duty of the sponsors and they shall determine among themselves how this duty shall be carried out. It is the intent of this regulation to place upon sponsors a personal duty beyond merely their authority to sponsor a proposed member and at the same time insure that the proposed member will meet members of the Club and the Board of Directors.


3. Applications will go through more smoothly if all sponsors realize that it is much better to allow enough time for the prospective members to be widely known and to have several opportunities to get to know the members of the Board of Directors more than casually.

4. Sponsors should make sure that the prospective members do not come to the Club or use its facilities unless they are specifically invited and accompanied by a sponsor or regular member.

5. It is the duty of the Chief sponsor to personally complete the entire application form. The prospective member must not do this. The Chief sponsor should collect the three (3) letters of recommendation and the application form signed by all the sponsors and send the completed papers to the Secretary for consideration by the Board of Directors.

6. When a prospective member is passed over by the Board of Directors, this becomes a reflection on the sponsors who have not followed up on their responsibility. When a proposed member has been tabled or turned down by the Board, the Secretary shall inform the Chief Sponsor who will then inform the prospective member and the other sponsors. 

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